Kuleba: the EU is advised not to rush its plans for the summer



Kuleba: the EU is advised not to rush its plans for the summer

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba considers the most optimistic scenario for Ukraine and the world to return to normal life after the coronavirus restrictions in late summer.

About this, Kuleba said on the air “Snіdanku with 1 + 1”, reports the correspondent for Ukrinform.

“I don’t make travel plans. Of course I make plans, and now is the time to make plans, when you have the opportunity to think, weigh all the factors, right now you have to make But as with travel, I think if we are up to it by the end of the summer, we will come to some sort of stabilization, that would be an optimistic scenario, “said Kuleba.

He added that colleagues from the European Union had heard that they were directing their citizens directly not to plan a summer vacation yet.

“And for our colleagues in the EU, the holy month is August, when no one is working, everyone is resting … They keep people from spending money on things that might not be work, “said the minister and added that the dynamics of the coronavirus are still not studied in the end and” we do not know when the situation will finally stabilize “.

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According to the Worldometer website, on the morning of April 14, the total number of registered cases of COVID-19 worldwide was 1,926,235, of which 119,724 were fatal, 452,367 people recovered.

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