Kuleba: The issue of autonomy in Ukraine is not on the agenda now



Kuleba: The issue of autonomy in Ukraine is not on the agenda now

Kuleba: The issue of autonomy in Ukraine is not on the agenda now

11.06.2020 23:37


Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba assured that there were no more questions on national autonomy on the agenda in Ukraine and that the Beregovsky district in Transcarpathia was not the subject of any agreement .

He said this on the show “Right to Power”, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“The question of autonomy, certain national autonomies in Ukraine are not on the agenda now, and I do not see how they can appear on this agenda,” said the minister.

Kuleba stressed that the Beregovsky district, in particular, is, is and will be part of Ukraine, the theme of its existence has not been the subject of a “sort of agreement” with Hungary.

“We now have a specific situation where this discourse is imposed on us: we are going to talk about Hungarian separatism. I want to appeal to all Ukrainians, Ukrainians of all ethnic origins: the Ukrainian state does not consider the representatives of the Hungarian minority , neither Romanian nor Polish, or whatever or another minority by the separatists. You and I are one, our country is Ukraine, “said the official and stressed that” we must not oppose each other “.

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Kuleba also stressed that the task now is to normalize relations with Hungary without crossing the red lines of Ukraine, to unblock the Ukraine-NATO commission at the highest level and to agree on investments and joint infrastructure projects in the region of Transcarpathia.

“No special or secret task has been defined for me, no secret agreement has been reached,” Kuleba said of his recent visit to Budapest.

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As reported, on June 1, a draft resolution from the Cabinet of Ministers was announced, which indicates the number of districts in all regions of Ukraine. According to the latest decision, five districts in the region (Beregovsky, Mukachevsky, Tyachevsky, Uzhgorodsky and Khustsky) are indicated in Transcarpathia, and not 4, as provided for in the agreed preliminary decisions. The enlargement of the district of Beregovo, the majority of whose population is of Hungarian origin, was considered by some members of the public as concessions to the Ukrainian authorities in Hungary.

On May 29, Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba paid a visit to Hungary and met his Hungarian counterpart Peter Siyyarto.

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