Kyle Newman Appeals To Court For Custody Of Sons, Says Jamie King Addicted



Kyle Newman Seeks Custody of Sons, Says Jamie King Addicted

Jamie King and Kyle Newman

The press went into details about the start of divorce proceedings from actress Jamie King, 41, and director Kyle Newman, 44. Earlier this week, it became known that the movie star had filed for divorce from her husband after 12 years of marriage and had applied for a restraining order against her husband.

According to TMZ, the judge decided that Kyle should not approach him. Jamie says her husband watched her correspondence, prevented her from communicating with friends and her work, and also took hundreds of thousands of dollars from her account. The judge gave him a security order and granted him a petition for joint legal custody of the children, said King.

Kyle Newman Seeks Custody of Sons, Says Jamie King Addicted

Jamie King and Kyle Newman

The decision on joint legal custody Kyle Newman does not seem to reject, but fights for the exclusive physical custody of his sons, James, six years and Leo, four years. The actress’ husband claims that she is addicted to opioids and alcohol, and Jamie is not in control and does not want to be treated.

According to Newman, the actress for ten months under the control of doctors tried to fight addiction, but in January of this year broke out. Kyle gave her an ultimatum – if she is not treated, he will leave with the children for their safety. The actress’s spouse reports that she went to the Cirque Lodge rehabilitation center in Utah, but that she soon returned home, rejecting the doctors’ recommendations.

Kyle Newman Seeks Custody of Sons, Says Jamie King Addicted

Documents filed by Kyle Newman in court indicated that in February his wife worked in Canada and asked her to let her sons go home for several weeks, but returned them after three days. He claims that she later admitted that she had an affair at the time. According to Newman, in the past two months, King has only seen the children for three days, as they were quarantined with him in Pennsylvania. Later, as Kyle said in court, Jamie accused him of stealing children, even though she herself agreed to quarantine him.

Two nannies and a former assistant to the king described Jamie’s alleged dependence on opioids in court documents. Witnesses say she put children at risk, including driving drunk. The movie star’s husband says Jamie took opioids before his sons were born – as a result, their youngest son, Leo, was exposed to intrauterine medication.

Kyle Newman is now seeking sole physical custody and joint legal custody with Jamie, and is also asking him to leave their family home in Los Angeles so that he can live with his sons. He wants her to get tested for alcohol and drugs, including prescription pills.

At this point, the judge decided that the boys could stay with their father in Pennsylvania.

Kyle Newman Seeks Custody of Sons, Says Jamie King Addicted

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