“L / DPR” coronavirus blockade: a blogger explained how the attitude towards Ukraine has changed due to the closure of the CPVV among the residents of ARDLO



The blogger, writing under the nickname “free thinker”, decided to say how, after the closure of the CPVV by Ukraine, the situation in Ordlo changed.

CPVV in the Donbass
CPVV in the Donbass. Photo –

This was reported by the portal Donpressreferring to the Telegram channel of blogger “Freethinker”, reports MFN.

The freelance blogger writes that after Ukraine closed CPWM, the situation at ARDLO changed dramatically. And it has changed, according to the author of the post, not in favor of the Russian Federation and the “L / DPR leaders”, but in favor of Ukraine. The blogger writes that after the closure of the CPVV, the residents of L / DNR first felt a shortage of food and medicines in pharmacies.

“When the CPVV was closed, people really realized that they could not survive without Ukrainian pensions, food and medicine,” wrote the blogger.

In addition, according to the blogger, even the smugglers controlled by the MGB-FSB-GRU realized that they could not do without Ukraine. The blogger writes that smuggling is one of the main ways to fill the budget of the “republic”.

“Senior officers of the Russian occupation troops realized that without Ukraine, no one needed coal, vodka, cigarettes and jewelry. After all, all of this was smuggled into Ukraine and filled the budget of the “republic”, writes the blogger.

The author of the article writes that Russia does not need these “goods”.

The blogger believes that if, at the start of hostilities, Ukraine stopped paying pensions to the inhabitants of ORDLO, to provide electricity, water, gas and food, then the inhabitants of ORDLO would make their choice. The choice, according to the blogger, would not be in favor of the Russian Federation. According to the blogger, this clearly shows the situation in Ordlo after the closure of the CPVV.

Earlier, we reported that the CPVV in the Donbass could resume work soon.



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