“L / DPR” “officials” began massively exporting their families to Russia: Reznikov said that was the reason for the sudden decision of the invaders



In the territory of ORDLO, the situation regarding the spread of the coronavirus has long been out of the control of the “authorities” of the illegal republics. However, the representatives of the occupation authorities still hide the real situation from the inhabitants of the occupied territories. According to the Minister for the Reintegration of the Temporary Occupied Territories, Alexei Reznikov, the “officials” of the illegal republics take their families to the Russian Federation to protect them from the coronavirus.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to the portal DonPress

According to Alexei Reznikov, despite the fact that the “authorities” of the illegal republics continue to insist that there is not a single confirmed case of coronavirus in the territory of ORDLO, the situation is in fact difficult.

“According to our data, the situation is complicated there. And so much so that representatives of the occupation “authorities” have started to massively export their families to Russia, “said the minister.

According to Reznikov, if the situation was under control, as the “authorities” of the “republics” say, why would their families leave ORLDO territory?

In addition, according to Reznikov, the ministry closely monitors what the residents of the temporarily occupied territories report on social networks. According to him, they are afraid of what is happening in Ordlo.

The minister also said that Ukraine does not rule out the possibility of appealing to the international community on the epidemiological situation of ARDLO and the annexed Crimea.

We previously reported that Kuleba had spoken about the stage of the creation of the Advisory Council.

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