Lady Gaga on her plans for the future: “I can’t wait to become a mother”



Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, 33, has become the main character in the May issue of the American version of InStyle magazine. Even before the start of quarantine, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the star participated in a futuristic photo shoot and also spoke to the editors about the publication of plans for the near future. So Gaga admitted that she had long dreamed of motherhood:

I would like to have children. I can’t wait to become a mom. Is it incredible that we women can do this – raise a person inside of us and then let them out? In addition, our main task is to support his life.

Lady Gaga

At the end of 2019, Lady Gaga, in an interview with YouTube blogger Nikki de Jager, said that she would dream of giving birth to many children in the next ten years. Gaga’s plans also included a happy marriage, charity work, recording songs, and shooting a movie.

At the same time, the star clarified that she was unsure of what goals on this list she would really be able to achieve, but added that she would deal with their accomplishments exclusively with the people she loves.

Lady Gaga’s dreams of marriage and motherhood may soon come true. For several months, the artist has been happy with a new relationship with the IT entrepreneur and CEO of the Parker group Michael Polanski, with whom they are now in self-isolation.

Insiders say that Gaga perceives the affair with Polanski not as another affair, but as something serious and conscious. In one of the conversations with friends, the star admitted that she was deeply in love with Michael and that she was absolutely happy with him.

Lady Gaga and Michael Polanski

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