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How to entertain yourself and family in quarantine without emptying your wallet? Lanet.TV answers this

Quarantine was extended over the territory of Ukraine, meaning that you would have more than one evening of gatherings at home with relatives. What to do with yourself, children, spouse, for so long? The first and most obvious solution is to watch TV.

Most Ukrainians have already appreciated all the benefits Online tv:

  • Additional channels where you can watch movies online, TV shows, shows
  • Electronic tv program
  • Grace period
  • Ability to watch online channels, stop live broadcasting, watch online movies in recording
  • Bonus program
  • Gift promotional code, etc.

But there is also the segment of the population that still watches ordinary television (and buys a paper TV program), unaware of modern television online. Watching TV online is easier, cheaper and more convenient. The online TV service provides a grace period to every new user – the opportunity to watch free online TV channels for 1-5 days. Then you have to tie your card to your profile and pay the monthly subscription. , Yes TV program It is more functional and convenient to use in any of the Internet TV services, but how to pay less for this “enjoyment”?

Lanet.TV won’t leave you in trouble without Internet TV – we offer a promotional code to all new users, especially for the quarantine period tv_karantyn, In which you get 75 UAH in main account and 75 UAH in bonus account inside service.

How to watch tv on internet?

  1. Make sure you have access to more than 128 kbps Internet signal
  2. Take any smart device with big screen and internet access
  3. Download the application to watch TV online and install it on your chosen device.
  4. Register and study TV programs, choose your favorite channels online

How to connect Lanet.TV?

  1. Visit;
  2. Register in the web version or download the Lanet.TV application on Google Play;
  3. Redeem promotional code tv_karantyn To your personal account;
  4. Order a package within your account balance (in the amount of 150 UAH for a promotional code);
  5. Select the best movies in the TV program on online channels: TV1000, VIP Megahit, Sony Turbo, TV1000 Action, VIP Premiere, VIP Comedy, TV1000 World Kino, Megogo Live.

Apart from this, in the online TV service Lanet.TV, you can also watch your favorite Ukrainian TV channels online: STB, Novy Channel, Inter, 1 + 1, ICTV, M1, M2, Enter-film, 2 + 2, UFO TV and others.


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