Large companies suspended due to protests in America


Companies will not serve customers during curfew

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Many companies have stopped work in many cities of the US. Photo: Independent .uk

Taxi services Uber and Lyft and food delivery service Dordash suspended operations in several US cities during the curfew, which was introduced due to mass protests in the country.

Mass protests in the United States have begun since May 25, following the death of George Floyd. A man suspected of using a $ 20 counterfeit bill was detained in Minneapolis. During the detention, the policeman stood on his neck for about seven minutes. As a result, Floyd passed out and died soon after.

Initially, protesters marched on peaceful demonstrations, which turned into pogroms and riots over the weekend due to clashes between protesters and police. As a result, some officials introduced curfews for residents, affecting the work of companies. Therefore, Uber suspended work in Los Angeles, Auckland, San Francisco and parts of Minneapolis for curfew hours.

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Lyft also announced that it was following local curfew rules. The Dordash service will also suspend work in cities in which prohibited time is recorded.

Over the weekend, Amazon’s largest e-commerce company, Target retail chains and Apple Tech giants, also limited their work. In particular, Apple closed several retail stores on Sunday. According to Bloomberg, Amazon has shortened and adjusted routes “across multiple cities”, sending messages to some drivers in Chicago and Los Angeles with instructions to stop delivery of packages and return home.

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Earlier, we wrote that Zoom, after several scandals due to security issues for the video call program, decided on a rigorous measurement: users not updating the application before May 30 will no longer be able to use the service.

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