Large-scale crash of applications and instant messengers: the cause has been named


Dozens of applications suddenly stop working on Apple devices

The large-scale crash of applications and messengers: probable cause has been named. Photo:

Several popular apps, including Spotify, Pinterest and Tinder, have stopped working on iOS devices. A massive failure also affected Ukrainian services – for many hours, their channels in banks’ mobile applications and messengers were inaccessible to users.

According to information The ledgeThe failure could have been Facebook’s fault. According to early reports, the problem was caused by the Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK), which many applications use to manage user logins.

In social networks, there were messages about the application crash when it was launched on the iPhone and iPad, and information about service downloads appeared on At the same time, The Verge Note, applications can be launched while the device is offline, but in other cases their functionality will be completely interrupted. At the same time, Android applications continued to work as usual.

This morning, Facebook announced on the developer platform that its software was experiencing a problem. “We are aware and are studying the increase in the number of errors in the iOS SDK, which leads to the failure of some applications,” the company said. In a GitHub thread, posted at around 7pm EST, several developers reported problems with their app, blaming Facebook for it.

In Ukraine, failures caused by the SDK were reported by Monobank co-founder Oleg Gorokhovsky: “Facebook crashed a bunch of applications, including ours.”

“Information that many applications (including banking) are not working. With us everything is stable so far, but new customers who are in the stage of filling in the questionnaire may have failures. We control the situation and follow the news, ”Dennis Saprykin, co-founder and CEO of Sportbank commented on the situation.

More than an hour after the publication of the first message, Gorokhovsky said the bank’s application was working.

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Earlier, we wrote that in June, due to a network equipment emergency, PrivatBank’s government did not have access to Privat24 Internet banking. At the same time, the contact centers of the financial institution stopped functioning for some time.

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