Last year, the Ministry of Defense carried out more than 200 anti-corruption checks



Last year, the Ministry of Defense carried out more than 200 anti-corruption checks

The Ministry of Defense continues to cooperate with international partners to reduce the risk of corruption in the defense sector. In particular, in 2019, 217 anti-corruption inspections and official investigations were carried out.

This was announced during a briefing at Ukrinform by the head of the Department for the Prevention and Detection of Corruption of the Ministry of Defense Vadim Priymak.

“According to the results of the measures taken, there is an increase in the level of confidence of citizens who are not indifferent to corruption. According to their reports, in 2019, 217 anti-corruption checks and internal investigations were carried out (in 2020, under the conditions laid down by quarantine measures, 43 of these checks were carried out). Last year, 244 documents on corruption offenses were transferred to the police (17 criminal and 227 administrative). Last year, information on 44 people who committed criminal offenses related to corruption was entered in the unified register of preliminary inquiries, “said Priymak.

According to him, 373 facts of non-submission or untimely submission of electronic declarations for 2018 have been established. In addition, according to the results of audits carried out in 2019, 2,244 people were held responsible, including material – 1,672, disciplinary – 572.

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Priymak stressed that the Ministry of Defense is successfully implementing the NATO program to reduce the risks of integrity and corruption in the work of defense and security institutions (BI program). Co-operation with the Anti-Corruption Advisory and Advisory Body, which is chaired by the UK Defense Counsel, is therefore continuing in a coherent manner. In collaboration with the Norwegian Center for Defense Risk Reduction in Corruption, the development of a new international project to reduce the risk of corruption in personnel management and the public procurement system has been completed. Through the Independent Anti-Corruption Defense Committee, interaction with the international non-governmental organization Transparency International is carried out.

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In addition, said Priymak, development of a new three-year anti-corruption program has started at the Ministry of Defense.

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