Late payment of sick leave is 13 working days – Social Insurance Fund



Late payment of sick leave is 13 working days - Social Insurance Fund

The Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine pays full temporary disability and maternity benefits, but today there are delays in the timing of funding.

An explanation of the benefit schedule and the possibility of accelerating these payments is available on the fund’s website.

“The length of the delay varies, as it depends on the amount of daily income from the Fund’s budget. Today is 13 working days,” said the report.

The Fund notes that the funding of temporary disability and maternity benefits, as soon as employers pay ERUs, is immediately used to finance material support and insurance payments:

◦ temporary disability benefits (sick leave);

◦ maternity benefits;

◦ burial benefits;

◦ monthly insurance payments to victims of work, etc.

However, it should be noted that today the volume of expenses of the Fund has exceeded the volume of revenues. This is due to a decrease in ERU revenues – in particular, due to the smaller expected size of the wage fund in the country and a decrease in production during a pandemic.

In March, the Fund received 2.1556 billion hryvnia from a one-time contribution, the Fund’s expenses for the same period amounted to 2.2555 billion hryvnia. According to first quarter results, the Fund received UA 219.3 million less than the plan’s ERU share.

The Fund adds that in certain cases, delays in receiving aid are due to a delay in submitting claims: “The fund finances on the basis of the settlement statement received from your employer – the date of payment depends mainly on the date of its submission ”.

Consequently, the Caisse recommends that you do not lose contact with the employer, the accountant and the (approved) social insurance committee of your company.

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You can find out the date of acceptance by the Fund of a request for calculating the payment of funds in your company, or in the management body of the Fund’s management, where the employer is registered. For this, a person must give his identification code number. The contacts of all working bodies are published on the FSSU website. You will also find the hotline numbers of the regional offices there.

The Fund adds that when someone knows the filing date for a claim calculation, you can track payments on the FSSU Telegram channel, where information on the amounts and dates for which the Fund has funded material support and insurance payments are updated online.

It is also noted that the Fund transfers funds for the payment of assistance to the employer’s account, which, in turn, makes payments to its employees.

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