launch may be delayed


Yesterday came First Confirmation of Deferred Release of Google Pixel 4aThe smartphone, originally scheduled for May, has been delayed until July, and now it seems to have been rescheduled even to October.

Recent rumors expected further delays at Google’s homeThe new Google Pixel 5 may also be delayed. The smartphone, scheduled for early fall, may appear on the market with a delay of several months. There is no exact information at the moment, and Google is probably still considering what to do.

Recall that, according to information released in recent months, the new Google Pixel 5 will not be the top of the rangesince it will not have a Snapdragon 865 or other SoC. The smartphone is expected to hit the market. Snapdragon 765G, presenting a significantly lower price than the price of the top of the Android line.

At the moment, we can only wait for the receipt of new information about what Google will choose for its range of smartphones. We remember that Google has posted a sales record for its pixels in 2019 (thanks to Pixel 3a mid-range project).

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