Launch of public transport in Ukraine: Lyashko explained the motivation of the Ministry of Health



The Chief Medical Health Officer of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko made an important statement regarding the launch of public transport in the country. He is convinced that it is too early to resume public transport and there are specific reasons for this.

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It is reported Donpress, reports “MFN”.

The government is refraining from restoring public transport to prevent heavy migration.

“Many people wonder why Ukraine cannot immediately restore the functioning of public transport. I am not so much concerned with the problem of the coronavirus itself, but rather with the problem of internal migration. Insulation is still relevant and it is vital. When public transportation works, many people, even without good reason, will succumb to the temptation and break the isolation regime. This should not be allowed, ”said Lyashko.

He pointed out that in our country, the elderly often use public transport without special needs, but only for excursions to the markets. The possibility of the spread of the coronavirus cannot be accepted, otherwise the country will be forced to revert to strict quarantine measures.

As a reminder, as previously mentioned, Zelensky publicly insulted: no one therefore humiliated the president.

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