LAW has developed an anti-crisis solution for business


The company has released an anti-crisis solution for effective remote work teams

Ukrainian food IT-company LIGA: LAW introduced LIGA360 – An ecosystem of cloud solutions for effective business in a crisis. LIGA360 integrated all the company’s products into a single information space to combine remotely working teams. LIGA360 obtained a number of specialized solutions for managing risk and exploring new opportunities.

LIGA’s recent survey: LAW among business owners and top managers showed: For 60% of companies, decision-making positions slow down primarily due to uncertainty and variability. Priority in business work during this period is the online tool for effective communication, allowing you to discuss solutions with the team and coordinate with all interested parties. It was for business needs that suited the ecosystem.

LIGA360 quickly identifies and warns about risks and business opportunities, helps them discuss in a team, coordinate quickly and make decisions even remotely. Access to LIGA360 is granted to all employees of a company that uses at least LIGA products: ZAKON – This allows you to attract a team to make decisions in a remote work environment. All information received by users of the ecosystem is personal to both the needs of individual team members and the business as a whole.

Marina Bondarenko
Chairman of the Board of Directors of LIGA: LAW

Structurally, LIGA360 has a common space for all users of an enterprise, contains a useful information block for the company, and individual workplaces for each role (e.g., managers, attorneys, with an appropriate set of products, Accountant, public relations or human resources officer, etc.). ). The LIGA360 includes: Legal Information Systems (IPS), Verdictum Judgment Analysis System, Contractor Counterparty Verification and Monitoring System, SMS Mayk Registration Action Monitoring Service, Semantrum Monitoring Service, Report Reporting Service, as well as the company’s professional media resources.

This comprehensive solution of information and analytical products and services can be easily adapted to the needs of large businesses and small entrepreneurs, as well as government agencies and professional organizations. A different product and value is offered for each of these segments, based on the functionality required for each role.

Features of LIGA360:

  • Risk and Opportunity Monitoring – Dashboard “Risk Management” clearly shows the impact of certain events on the business. Convenient chat for collaboration with documents helps attract a team to evaluate, discuss and agree on solutions to minimize risks.
  • Business intelligence – notice of the results of tenders, changes in status of partners, beneficiaries and founders.
  • Smart Signal – round-the-clock monitoring of court decisions, laws, regulations, property ownership and status of instant alerts in case of change for quick response.
  • Personalized news – the ability to receive timely information from over 20 thousand sources to adapt to your needs and respond to reputation risks in a timely manner.
  • A single workspace – All users of a company are united by a common environment with access to LIGA company products: LAW.


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