Lawyer Ilya Novikov commented on the presentation of suspicions to Poroshenko



According to the human rights activist, the fifth office has been deceived by the State Office: instead of the interrogation scheduled for today, the State Security Office tried to portray Poroshenko with suspicion in a completely different matter.

Ilya Novikov
Ilya Novikov. Stock Photo –

Ilya Novikov said about this near the building of the National Rescue Office, reports “MFN”.

“The interrogation did not take place because they had no intention of interrogating at all. They called Poroshenko at the GDB to report suspicions … When we entered the office for questioning, a UCP employee immediately came to us. He did not even show up, but immediately attempted to raise suspicion … As all of this was happening contrary to law, we refused to contact the representative of the PCU and Petro Poroshenko left the office building State “

The lawyer added that GBR officers had specifically lured the fifth president into the false case of paintings to present suspicion in a completely different case:

“The suspicion concerns the case of the appointment of citizen Semochko as deputy head of the Foreign Intelligence Service. This case is also completely falsified … They believe that Poroshenko appointed Semochko by circumventing the procedure in order to appropriate his salary. “

We will remind, earlier in GBR declared that they had given suspicions to Poroshenko.



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