Lawyers for Petro Poroshenko sued Venediktova



According to human rights activists of the fifth president, the attorney general is not performing his duties properly, because so far he has not reacted at all to the atrocities of the GBR at the Gonchar museum.

Irina Venediktova
Irina Venediktova. Photo –

It is reported by the “NPF” referring to Facebook Igor Golovan.

As the lawyer noted, the UCP is only very active at a time when it is necessary to register cases for the benefit of Russia or for the pursuit of opposition forces in the country. But when it is necessary to punish the “arrogant workers of the State Security Bureau” who committed atrocities at the Gonchar Museum and carried out an illegal search – the Attorney General shows no action:

“On June 3, the UCP received 5 allegations of violations at the Potter Museum. For 24 hours, the request should have been recorded. These 24 hours have passed for a long time, no reaction. As a result, they filed a complaint with the court regarding the Attorney General’s inaction. “

In addition, Poroshenko’s lawyers have taken legal action to challenge investigators from the State Office, who in fact carried out an illegal search of the museum and took photos of the fifth president’s collection.

Recall that we wrote earlier that Igor Golovan had commented on the court’s decision concerning Poroshenko’s forced conduct during questioning in the State Security Committee.



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