LDNR terrorists have taken a serious advantage: OSCE officials have taken a dangerous step


OSCE staff



OSCE representatives announced the urgent evacuation of their employees from territories not controlled by Ukraine. The number of employees of the observation mission has decreased considerably and the OSCE will soon be able to evacuate all its employees from the territory of the “LPR”.

OSCE staff
OSCE staff. Stock Photo –

It is reported Donpress, reports “MFN”.

On March 29 and 30, the OSCE offices in Stakhanov and Lugansk were evacuated. They will be transported to the territory controlled by Ukraine, namely to Kramatorsk. So far, the evacuation has only affected workers over the age of 50, but a complete evacuation of OSCE staff may soon take place. Extremely dangerous measures had to be taken in connection with a virus no less dangerous, which in these regions could be much more dangerous than on territory under Ukrainian control.

The demarcation line remained without patrol for an indefinite period. If the situation with the coronavirus worsens, the freezing of all OSCE offices will be inevitable and the actions of the terrorists will become more unpredictable for Ukraine.

Recall, as previously stated, it became known who and how organized the Maidan: recognition of the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

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