Lenovo Legion will be released in July, will it be the first smartphone with Snapdragon 865+?


The debut of the new Lenovo Legion phone is approaching, a high-end gaming smartphone. It is expected that the project will be presented next month in July, and then an immediate release on the market will be published. At the moment, the debut of the new Lenovo smartphone is confirmed exclusively for the Chinese market. The smartphone is unlikely to arrive in Europe.

In any case, the new Lenovo Legion phone has all the power to attract the attention of fans. The device should be the first smartphone you can count on SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+, Qualcomm SoC’s new benchmark line that showed Record results in the first benchmark.

The data sheet for the new Lenovo Legion phone will also contain a few goodies. For example, a smartphone will have two USB-C portsto facilitate the connection of all gaming accessories with which it will enter the market. Also note the presence of one pop up camera What will happen located on one side of the body and not upstairs.

More detailed information about the technical characteristics of the new Lenovo smartphone will undoubtedly arrive in the coming days. The device can also come in the “Pro” version. Continue to follow us for all project updates.


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