Levin’s Defense Dismissed Appeal Regarding Client Arrest – Court



Levin's Defense Dismissed Appeal Regarding Client Arrest - Court

Levin’s Defense Dismissed Appeal Regarding Client Arrest – Court

04/30.2020 02:05


The defense of the suspect by organizing the murder of activist Kherson Yekaterina Gandzyuk Alexei Levin refused to appeal the decision of the court of first instance concerning the application of preventive measures in the form of detention in Levin.

This was reported by the press service of the Kiev Court of Appeal.

“In the context of the refusal to defend the appeal, the appeal procedure concerning the application of preventive measures in the form of detention against the suspects of being involved in the attack on Yekaterina Gandzyuk is closed” , says the press release.

In particular, on April 29, 2020, the college of judges of the criminal chamber of the Kiev Court of Appeal examined in public the defense statement on the refusal to appeal to determine the investigating judge Pechersky at the Kiev judgment of March 17, which granted the request of the lead investigator of the investigation department of the GU SBU in Kiev and in the region of Kiev and asked Levin for a preventive measure in the form of detention.

“On the basis of the results of the examination of the appeal, the appeal procedure on the defense appeal against the decision of the Pechersk district court of Kiev on March 17, 2020 is closed”, informed the court .

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As reported, on April 27, the Office of the Attorney General and the SBU announced the end of the investigation in the event of an attack on Yekaterina Gandzyuk.

Activists said the case was sent to court without completing all the investigations.

On the evening of April 27, the initiative group “Who ordered Katya Gadzyuk?” organized a demonstration against the decision to close the investigation into the murder of the activist.

In particular, several dozen demonstrators installed a portable speaker and chanted “Venediktov, come!” under a house in central Kiev, where activists say the attorney general lives.

On April 29, activists again fell under a house in Kiev, where Venediktova lives.

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Before that, activists in the Facebook community “Who ordered Katya Gandzyuk?” they said that under the house where Venediktova lives, the inscription “the murderer’s girlfriend lives here” was repainted and informed that they would come back under the house where the attorney general lives on Wednesday.

Under the house where the Attorney General resides, a new inscription appeared, made of white and red headlights using aerosol cans: “Venediktova is the killer of the Gandzyuk affair”.

On July 31, 2018, Ekaterina Gandzyuk was sprayed with sulfuric acid at the entrance to her house in Kherson. The burns affected 40% of the woman’s body. She underwent several operations, but died on November 4 of the same year.

Five people were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the murder, and on November 12, 2018, it was learned that Igor Pavlovsky, former deputy of people’s deputy Nikolai Palamarchuk, was arrested.

On February 11, 2019, the attorney general’s office announced to the head of Kherson regional council Vladislav Manger the suspicion of organizing the assassination of Gandzyuk. The court chose a preventive measure in the form of detention, but he went on bail of 2 million 497.3 thousand hryvnia.

On June 6, five direct perpetrators of the attack were sentenced to 3 to 6.5 years in prison.

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In January of this year in Bulgaria, for organizing an attack on Yekaterina Gandzyuk, Aleksey Levin, assistant consultant to a deputy of the Kherson regional council, was arrested. On March 16, he was extradited to Ukraine.

According to investigators, Levin is a key figure connecting artists (the “Torbin group”) and clients of Gandzyuk’s attack. It is he who is suspected of organizing this crime, inciting it to be carried out, and in particular supplying information on Gandzyuk’s place of residence.

In March, the court extended the Levin investigation to July 29.

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