LG G7 ThinQ, an update to stable Android 10 arrives!


The wait is over: too LG G7 ThinQ joining the list of Android smartphones on board. 10 The release began a few hours :. Currently, units in circulation in South Korea and the United States are affected, in this case, considering only the T-Mobile branded terminals.

This is the long-awaited update for the top of the line, launched almost two years ago, and although it seems like a paradox, ahead of the initial LG programs: an update for Android 10 behind LG G7 ThinQ it was planned for the third quarter of this 2020.

The new firmware weighs 1.41 GB and is expected to be distributed worldwide soon. However, it must be emphasized that a very short distance from the beginning roll outseveral problem reports are already starting to arrive. The most common concern is some flaws regarding stock version of android: in particular, there is no switch to activate the dark mode and the application used to record the screen. There is also no shortage of negative feedback with some errors regarding new gestures for navigation, caused in some cases by sensational lag. Let’s see if a corrective update will be released in the next post.

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