LG G9 ThinQ may never arrive


Let’s get back to the solution LG G9 ThinQThe alleged (and it is appropriate to say this …) next peak of the assortment of the South Korean company. Well, conflicting news about this device came from an Asian country: the latest rumors about the facts guarantee that the manufacturer decided to abandon the launch and, therefore, interrupt the series, which will stop at G8X ThinQ,

Cause? LG, given the mediocre results of the past two years in the high-end market, would decide to change its strategic goals and pay more attention to medium and low markets. The intention would be to attack her by bringing 5G connection at affordable prices, it is undoubtedly an ambitious project that can also be successful in the medium term.

However, there will be high-end devices, as demonstrated by the smartphone project dual screen which remains on its feet and which may happen with the launch by the end of the year, but it is clear that a small revolution is upon us.

Moreover, the rumors of last week (as reported in this article) that the company wanted to educate make sense LG G9 ThinQ SoC is not “top” like the Snapdragon 865, but fall back on the cheapest 765G which would bring several advantages at the production stage.


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