Life is starting to change – Kravchuk enjoyed Zelensky’s first year as president and gave him key advice



The first president of Ukraine has decided to share his opinion on the first year of Zelensky’s presidency. Leonid Kravchuk believes that Vladimir Zelensky is generally doing well, but there are nuances which, according to the first President of Ukraine, should be taken into account.

Leonid Kravchuk
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This was announced by Kravchuk himself in an interview “HB“, Reports” NPF “.

“Life is starting to change. We can see the same thing with the situation and with the situation in the country as a whole. Corruption at the highest levels of power is no longer visible. We are convinced that Zelensky himself is not at all involved in bribery schemes. And it’s very important. The Ukrainians have stopped talking, they say, the fish is rotting from the head, “said Kravchuk at the very beginning.

After that, the first president said that Zelensky was trying to keep all of his promises. However, he acknowledges that he has setbacks. According to Kravchuk, this deserves special respect.

“Now there is no point discussing the necessity or not of the opposition in Ukraine. She is. She will criticize the government and is already criticizing it. Zelensky must respect the opposition of Ukraine. I have to listen to it. However, let him do what he plans, ”the country’s first president told Zelensky.

Recall, Pushilin made a new statement: “DNR” is preparing for a full martial law.



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