Life was better under Ukraine – Kazansky showed how moods changed in the LPR



Denis Kazansky, blogger and political observer, said that residents of the so-called “Republic of the LPR” no longer want to live in the occupation. In favor of his remarks, he referred to a message from the Nikanor-Novaya Mine group, which said that Ukraine had a better life.

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This information was reported by Denis Kazansky on his page in “On Twitter“, Reports” NPF “.

“ORDLO miners have stopped loving the Russian world. Too bad that so much sacrifice and time were needed for all of this. But it was all obvious at the start, ”wrote Kazan.

After these words, the blogger drew attention to what had been published by the miners of one of the groups. Representatives of the mine have released details of the actual state of the LPR economy. They believe that Leonid Pasechnik awkwardly approached his duties.

“I did not think, of course, that I would say that, but life was better under Ukraine. Of course, they can insult me ​​and condemn me by saying, they say, go to your dill. But I will tell these people the following: most of us would not just leave there, but we ourselves are ready to return everything as before, ”the miners wrote.

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