“Like it or not, we are not a couple”: a love story of Potap and Nastya Kamensky, who for 10 years has remained a secret



Nastya Kamensky and Alexey Potapenko

“No matter how you say it, we are not on the road, you and I are not in a relationship, forgive me,” said Nastya Kamensky and Potap in one of their first successes, at that time, not even knowing how their destiny would evolve in the future. The relationship of this creative union was very difficult at first: while the fans dreamed of their romance, Nastya and Alexey were constantly arguing and building their personal lives with completely different people outside the scene. However, after a few years, everything changed: the colleagues in the group fell in love with each other, but for 10 years they were forced to hide their feelings because they were afraid of public condemnation. Exactly a year ago, Nastya and Alexei finally publicly declared their love and celebrated a wonderful marriage. In the new material, SPLETNIK.RU recalls how the romance of Nastya, 33, and Alexei, 39, explained why lovers had to keep their relationship a secret for so long.

Knowledge and mutual hostility

Alexey Potapenko (Potap – the pseudonym of the artist and producer. – Ed.) And Nastya Kamensky met in the distance in 2006. Then the rapper was looking for a singer for his new project. After trying out a duet with several performers, Alexey listened to his friend’s advice and invited Nastya Kamensky to audition. It turned out that at the first meeting, Alexey and Nastya didn’t like each other at all.

Nastya Kamensky and Potap

My friend had a singer, in fact, it turned out to be Nastya. He couldn’t distort her in any way, so he suggested I record a song with her. We met, I looked at Nastya and I didn’t like him right away. I refused to do anything with her and continued the search, – Potap once shared in an interview with

After such crumpled acquaintance, a superpopular pop duo might no longer exist at all. However, at that time, Nastya and Aleksey had been trying to break solo for a long time, but failed. Then Potap left his emotions and nevertheless decided to try to cooperate with Kamensky as a duo: he considered that they would be much more likely to become popular.

Nastya also agreed to work with the rapper, and very quickly they released their first song as part of the duo Potap and Nastya, entitled Without Love. The listeners immediately appreciated the success – first in the native Ukraine for the artists, then in Russia.

“Potap and Nastya” started to invite performances, after which they realized that they had found an approach for the public, and finally decided to perform as a duet.

In 2007 Potap and Kamensky recorded one of their main hits – “Not a Couple”. It was with him that they won the Russian musical competition “Five Stars” and received the right to play the anthem of the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. But in the end, Nasta and Potap could not sing the anthem: according to the rapper, the organizers of the Olympic Games simply “threw”:

Dear friends, Nastya threw us out! In the Five Stars competition, we won the right to play the 2014 Olympic anthem. Why are others singing it now? We received awards and solemnly promised on air that “Potap and Nastya” will perform the anthem in 2014, and now we’re just … blown away! Dear friends, I ask you, help me not to get away with it, it’s a personal and professional insult! Here is such an injustice.

After the victory in the competition for young performers, the popularity of the duo continues to grow: they are at the top of the Russian and Ukrainian rankings, actively record records and make a lot of tours.

Many have already started to talk about the novel by Nastya and Alexei, but few knew that in fact at that time very tense relations reigned in the team. We released songs that became hits. And our relationship was getting worse and worse. It is such a paradox. The first three years, the more we argued, the more popular we became, the artists remembered this difficult period. As it turns out later, under this mutual hostility, Nastya and Potap, perhaps without knowing it, were hiding sympathy for each other, which they simply could not afford, because the two were related to other people.

Nastya before Potap About the novels of Nastya throughout the existence of the musical group, there were many rumors, however, the star herself only spoke of her serious relationship with her classmate Vladimir Dyatlov. Feelings erupted between them when they were young, when they both studied at the Ukrainian-American Humanitarian Institute at the International University of Wisconsin at the “Foreign Economic Activity” faculty.

The first years, the kids were just friends, and then they started dating. They communicated closely with families and for a long time saw their future exclusively together. Kamensky’s relationship with the young man continued after Nastya left the institute for a musical career and began to tour actively.

Nastya Kamensky and Vladimir Dyatlov

We did not have a crush. Together we studied at the University of the Faculty of Economics. Two years just friends. And after a nightclub, they realized that they had fallen in love with each other … You know, I mostly talked with men older than me. And I have always been embarrassed by their condescending attitude, as a little girl, towards me. And the feeling that I am a nice addition to his car. With Volodya, we are not. We are the same age and communicate on an equal footing. It is very good, clean, absolutely intact, – Nastya described their relationship with Volodya in one of his archival interviews.

Nastya Kamensky

At the dawn of Kamensky’s career in the group Potap and Nastya, she and her lover were linked by a common tragedy which, later, ironically, became the reason for their separation. In 2006, just on the eve of the duo’s first video recording, Nastya, with Vladimir, his parents and younger sisters, had a terrible car accident on the way from Kiev to Nikolaev. Kamensky still remembers this dramatic moment as scenes from a terrible film, and on June 8, the day of the accident, he considers his second birthday:

We drove from Kiev to Nikolaev by car to celebrate the birthday of Marusya, the sister of my young man Volodya. She was 15 that day. We are me, Vova, her mother, her father and her younger sisters Sonia and Maroussia … Shortly before, Vova’s father bought a trailer – he planned to travel with his family in summer. The trailer was driven behind on a trailer, and we drove slowly. Suddenly the car rocked suddenly. At this precise moment, the car suddenly turned to the right. For one reason or another, the ears were blocked, the blue of the sky shone before my eyes, then the grass, the sky again … In the cinema, such scenes are shown for a long time and in detail. But in life, everything happens at lightning speed. Earlier, we were driving calmly on an empty highway, suddenly, there was a huge wagon, and … the air flow coming out of it was so strong that the trailer led into a ditch, and it dragged the car behind us … Five times we turned. I lost consciousness. In the accident, Nastya suffered a serious leg injury and a cut to the head. When she woke up, she discovered that only Vladimir had remained conscious – his parents and sisters showed no signs of life. Before the ambulance arrived, the young man provided first aid to Nastya and also literally sent his 10-year-old sister Sonya from the next world, giving him artificial respiration. Vladimir’s parents, as well as his sister Maroussia, who celebrated his 15th birthday that day, did not survive the accident: the young man’s father died before arriving at the hospital, his mother is died 9 days after the tragedy and her sister died 9 days after mom.

Nastya Kamensky and Vladimir Dyatlov

The tragedy considerably tempered the character of Vladimir and permanently changed his life. He moved from Kiev to Nikolaev to care for two grandmothers, a great-grandmother and a sister, as well as to continue his father’s business – to maintain a farm. All her free time in her busy work schedule, consisting of constant tours and performances, Nastya devoted to her lover. Whenever possible, Kamensky picked up things and went to Vladimir in Nikolaev, he also cut a weekend to visit him in Kiev. I am sure that even if we disperse, we still cannot become strangers. This accident very closely linked our destiny. Now I treat Vova not only as a loved one. For me, he is a brother, a son, a husband and a father, ”said Kamensky before separating from his lover.

Nastya’s words were prophetic. After three years of such relationships in two cities, the young people decided to leave, but at the same time they maintained really warm and friendly relationships. Each year on June 8, they try to meet to remember the deceased loved ones of Vladimir and celebrate their second birthday. According to Vladimir Dyatlov, after all that has been experienced, their relationship with Nastya is now more like sister and sister.

Potap in Nastya

In 2000, Alexey Potapenko married producer Irina Gorova, and their relationship has long been like an idyll. Together they raised Irina’s daughter from her first marriage, Natasha, and in 2008 they gave birth to a common son Andrei. Potap has long had a solid and friendly family which has been the main argument of fans against rumors about the rapper’s romantic relationship with a duo colleague.

Irina Gorovaya and Alexey Potapenko

It wasn’t until much later that it became clear that the last five years before the official divorce, Alexei and Irina were not living together: in fact, they separated almost immediately after the birth of a son. However, for many years, Potap continued to harbor the illusion of a happy family. It wasn’t until 2016 that it became clear that Alexei officially divorced Irina, and the divorce itself occurred two years earlier. Potap clarified that he had remained on good terms with his ex-wife, continued to do business with her at the joint production center of MOZGI Entertainment and communicated regularly with his son Andrei, who, in principle, got used to the course from his father’s career year that dad is often not at home. Work timetable.

For me, this is not a divorce, just our relationship has evolved in a different direction. For working moments, personal ambitions have disappeared, because we have been working for so long on our dream: to create a company that produces the entire work cycle in show business, “said Potap about the divorce in a interview.

Alexey Potapenko and Irina Gorovaya with her son Andrei

Alexei’s ex-wife confirms that after breaking up, they managed to maintain close friendships. Irina can always turn to Potap for any request and knows that he will certainly help her. Yes, we got divorced, it’s true. We have lived separately for five years and officially divorced two years ago. And we are really a strong couple, but not a married couple … We are parents, business partners, we are real friends … If I have a problem – Alex is the first person I turn to and c is the only person I trust 100%. We are an atypical couple – a symbiosis of two people who cannot exist without each other, ” Irina Gorovaya said in an interview with journalists in 2016.

After the divorce, Irina, like her star ex-husband, arranged her personal life – now, at family celebrations, Potap is quietly sitting at the same table with her new boyfriend and enjoys heart-to-heart communication with him .

Irina Gorovaya Alexey Potapenko

Alexey Potapenko with his son Andrei

The first rumors of a romance

Of course, the first rumors about the novel by Nastya Kamensky and Alexei Potapenko appeared almost immediately after the founding of their duo – such conversations can hardly be avoided when it comes to such creative unions between a man and a woman. . At first, these rumors were fueled exclusively by the turbulent imagination of the fans, since the first years Potap and Nastya did not get along at all, moreover, each had their own personal life.

Nastya Kamensky and Potap

However, after the breakup of Nastya with Vladimir Dyatlov, which occurred in 2009, and the actual breakup of Potap and his wife (the rapper ceased to live with Irina in the same 2009), relations in the team have clearly changed.

Now it is difficult to understand exactly when the novel started between the group mates, however, the first proof of this only appeared in 2013. Then the paparazzi photographed people very similar to Nastya and Potap during their rest in Cuba. In these settings, the couple hugged gently and kissed and had fun on the beach. At first, Nastya and Aleksey did not comment on this, but shortly after Kamensky’s vacation, she generally declared that she had gone to the resort in splendid isolation, as this is the only way to really relax from work and constant restlessness.

However, since then, more and more rumors about the romantic relationship between Nastya and Potap have appeared in the press with enviable regularity – the two have continued to deny everything.

Until 2016, Alexei hid that he had divorced his wife for a long time. Alexey and Irina managed to disperse without scandal and mutual demands, and they continued to communicate closely because of their son and a joint production company, so that most fans did not even doubt that ‘In fact, the rapper has lived with Nastya Kamensky for many years. All this continued exactly until the lovers finally decided to declare their long and strong relationship in public.

Nastya Kamensky and Potap

Affirmation of the novel and of marriage

In 2017, Potap and Nastya Kamensky announced that they were suspending the work of their creative duo to get involved in solo projects: Alex took the pseudonym PTP, and Nastya – NK. However, even after that, the rumors about their romance did not stop. Some began to notice that a ring very similar to the engagement ring appeared on Kamensky’s ring finger, others associated a break in the work of the group with the possible pregnancy of the singer, and it is Potap who was considered his father.

Three more years after the announcement of his wife Irina Potap’s divorce hid that he had a new love, but on May 23, he finally decided to confess to the world that Nastya Kamenskih had been his elected since many years. Potap expressed his feelings in the song “Constant”, released in the morning on the eve of their wedding. With the song came out and a clip consisting of romantic shots with Nastya Kamensky. It turned out that the rapper hid the affair with a duo colleague for almost 10 years.

I love you more than anyone in this world, We will have beautiful adorable children. I love you more than anyone in this universe, My love is constant, it does not change. Because you showed me like a mirror, I am very real and free, Because you have a twisted destiny, and now it is woven with happiness, – Potap confessed love to Nastya in his song.

On the same day, Nastya and Alexei celebrated a wedding in one of the Kiev suburban restaurants. The holidays turned out to be original – everything was decorated with wood and original decorations, candles were burning everywhere. At the star couple’s wedding, only the closest and closest friends were present. Among the guests was Potap’s ex-wife with her son Andrei.

Alexey Potapenko and Nastya Kamensky

It seems that now the fans have finally received confirmation of the novel from Nastya and Potap and have realized that all these years their suspicions were not unfounded, however, new rumors have appeared: some fans of the couple have started to doubt of the veracity of their marriage – many thought until the very end that the celebration It was wrong and it was arranged for the good of the PR of the new track Potap.

Later, Nastya and Potap convinced the fans that they were not married at all for the hype, but in the name of a great and pure love. It has been reported in the press that in fact Potap and Nastya were secretly married on October 18, 2018, and they decided to hold a public celebration in May next year.

It was very difficult to make myself personally as a man: to tell the whole world who she is, how much I love her. Eventually, the curtain fell, and it became so easy for us, I wanted to do it earlier, but I had a family, kids, work – and while we all decided behind the scenes, a lot of time s has passed. I don’t hide anything anymore, I love Nastya Kamensky and I am a very happy person. Let everyone envy, let hate, let love – I don’t care. It became so easy for me, so now I’m being honest with myself and everyone, – Potap shared his happiness after being recognized in the novel and his marriage to Nastya Kamensky.

Family life

For the past year, Nastya Kamensky and Potap have appreciated the fact that they no longer need to hide their relationship and speak openly about their feelings during a conversation with journalists and social networks. Spouses regularly share common photos taken at home or on a trip around the world, and subscribers are eagerly waiting for the couple to announce the next family reconstitution.

By the way, Nastya and Potap no longer have time to raise children. Каменских активно занимается своим музыкальным проектом NK и записывает хиты на иностранных языках, а Потап помогает в его продвижении, параллельно уделяя внимание еще и другим подопечным своего продюсерского центра.

Влюбленные признаются, что иногда из-за насыщенных рабочих графиков у них с трудом получается проводить время вместе: У нас с Лешей не совпадают графики. Я, например, всегда ложусь спать где-то в девять вечера. Вчера и позавчера Леша пришел очень поздно, поэтому мы с ним не виделись. Он может меня разбудить, поцеловать, но на этом все. Да, это сложно, но мы же очень много работаем.

Один из треков Каменских Elefante уже стал большим хитом в Испании, однако останавливаться на достигнутого У Насти грандиозные планы на 2020-й – она ​​мечтает стать лауреатом латиноамериканской версии премим Г Г Г Г « Потап понимает стремление возлюбленной, верит в ее силы и во всем поддерживает.

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