Little will seem: Trump is ready to introduce harsh sanctions against China for coronavirus



The President has said he is considering a bill to impose sanctions against China. The author of the document was Senator Lindsay Graham.

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It is reported by the “NPF” referring to Press service White House.

Donald Trump has announced that he will soon be considering a bill to introduce harsh sanctions against China for the coronavirus:

“I respect Senator Graham and will certainly consider his suggestions.”

The document itself states that China has two months to provide all the information it knows about the coronavirus. In addition, the PRC is obliged to close the market where it sells wild animals and to release all activists detained for demonstrations in Hong Kong.

If the PRC ignores these conditions, the US authorities will begin to freeze Chinese assets, prohibit Chinese authorities from entering the United States, and prohibit US financial institutions from lending and insuring Chinese businesses.

Recall that we wrote earlier that Trump had quarreled with a reporter who asked him about a coronavirus.

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