“LNR” rocked throughout the Luhansk region: Russian mercenaries issue an ultimatum to Ukraine



One of the Russian mercenaries, the “deputy” of the so-called “People’s Council” of the “LPR” Dmitry Khoroshilov, said that the militants were ready for a large-scale offensive by their army with the aim of occupying the territory from across the Lugansk region.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

Russian mercenaries threaten the offensive.
Russian mercenaries have made provocative demands on Ukraine. Photo:

According to him, if Ukraine does not respond to requests from militants, then the authorities of the “LPR” are ready to launch military operations and to extend the borders of the occupied territories throughout the Luhansk region.

The so-called “LPR” authorities have even adopted a special law on this issue. As the “deputy” said, they suffered for a long time, and now the patience is over, and the activists are ready to choose a scenario of power.

According to Khoroshilov, their army is powerful and efficient, with modern weapons, ready to go on the offensive and move the contact line to the borders of the entire former Lugansk region.

Earlier, it was reported that activists were ready to rehearse the boilers at Debaltseve and Ilovaysk.



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