Loneliness at a Distance: An American Startup Came Up with a Solution


Employees of Nextoor, Productboard, Bank Novo, Pustal, Koursera do not suffer from loneliness due to isolation

How to get rid of loneliness at a remote job: an American startup came up with a solution

Coronavirus outbreaks forced millions of employees to work from home – for many, this is the first time. Although the effectiveness of remote work is beyond doubt, for some types of personalities it may be a test due to loneliness and a sense of isolation from the team. It was here that the new startup Hallway decided to offer its help.

The service recreates impressions of restrooms and casual conversations in the hallway in a new application designed for users of Slack Corporate Messenger. The program allows companies to schedule 10-minute video chats on Slack channels, where members can communicate informally.

The start-up was founded by Parthi Logantan, a former product manager at Google, who launched Google Chat and Google Go, and a former employee of Insight Partners, Kunal Justi, a private equity firm.

Since launching a few weeks ago, Hallway has expanded its customer base rapidly. The service is used by more than 170 teams at companies such as Nexadur, Productboard, Bank Novo, Pivotal, Cortesra and others. At the moment, most users are in free mode.

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Remember that the coronovirus epidemic brought many completely new technologies to life – if more than 10 million people worldwide previously used the video conferencing service under the Outlandish name Zoom, today their number is twelve at lightning speed The fold has increased. And continues to grow rapidly.

Suddenly, a video call service rose to the top of user Olympus and ranked first among the most popular applications in most developed countries. However, not only has the service grown in popularity – Zoom’s security suspicions are increasing every day. About – Content in PaySpace magazine.

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