“LPR authorities” acted – ORDLO blogger reported that large-scale check from the Russian Federation arrived in the illegal “republic”



An ORDLO blogger who writes on the social network Twitter under the nickname “Kolyvano-Bzholaria” said that a check from the Russian Federation arrived in the so-called “LPR”.

“LPR”. Photo –

This is reported by the NPF, referring to Twitter– an ORDLO blogger account.

A blogger writing under the nickname Kolyvano-Bzholaria reports that people from the Russian Federation have arrived in occupied Lugansk. According to the blogger, mass inspections are arriving at the LPR.

“The LPR authorities” have played – a mega-paratrooper has arrived from the Russian Federation – in total control of everything and everything, “wrote the blogger.

Twitter users have started to actively comment on the blogger’s post. Most of them are inclined to think that this could be directly linked to the miners’ strike at the Komsomolskaya mine. But there are other versions. According to one version, control by the “LPR” could have been due to the fact that “the authorities of the republic” were selling coal without the prior approval of the Russian conservatives.

Commentators suggest that some of the “NRL” officials may, after the audit, remain without their positions.

“They will install new ones that will steal less and share the stolen goods,” write the commentators.

Earlier, we reported that Putin’s former assistant, Vladislav Surkov, will visit the Donbas for an important purpose.



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