“LPR authorities” sounded the alarm: leaflets calling for the coup were posted on the occupied territory



It is reported that leaflets with a price for the coup began to appear in the busy streets of Antrocyte and Slavyanoserbsk. The local “authorities”, after what they saw on alert, lifted the “police” uniforms.

Flag of the “LPR”. Photo –

It was in his telegram, said a Ukrainian military and popular blogger Anatoly Stefan (Anatoly Shtrilits), reports “MFN”.

“On June 8, the” LPR government “alarmed the” police “squads. The reason was the massive distribution of campaign leaflets, calling for a coup and rebellion: the local population was asked not to go to work. “

On the flyer itself, you can see the inscriptions:

“Minors, we will fight to the end!” Pasechnik, when will we get our money back? “

Recall that we wrote earlier that the residents of the “LPR” had issued an ultimatum to Pasechnik.



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