“LPR” breaks ties with the Russian Federation and “DPR”: “republics” issued statement to “Ministry of Communications”




The “Ministry of Communications” of the so-called “LPR” said that due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection, the “republic” has decided to temporarily suspend mail exchanges with the Russian Federation and the so-called “DPR”.

“LPR”. Photo –

This is reported by the NPF, referring to the portal DonPress

At the unrecognized “Ministry of Communications” of the “LPR”, they said they had been forced to temporarily suspend mail from the “DPR”, as well as from the Russian Federation. The “ministry” indicated that the “republic” was obliged to take this measure in the face of the threat of the spread of the coronivirus in the territory of ARDLO.

Representatives of the illegal “republic” did not specify when the mail from the “DPR” and the Russian Federation would be suspended.

It should be noted that yesterday, March 30, the “authorities”, called “LPR”, confirmed the first case of coronivirus in “republic”.

In addition, the unrecognized “LPR” and “DPR” closed the “border” between them last week.

Earlier, we reported that residents of Ordlo had reported mass inspections by representatives of illegal armed groups.

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