Lukashenko hit the world: an unexpected statement about the consequences of the parade



The Head of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, made an important statement on the situation of coronaviruses in the country and in particular in Minsk. The head of state is convinced that the parade was fully justified and his unique measures to fight coronaviruses have proven to be effective.

Alexander Lukashenko
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It is reported by “MK“, Reports” NPF “.

Lukashenko said that tactics of targeted measures to combat the coronavirus were more effective than mass isolation.

“In Minsk, the number of coronavirus infections is dropping considerably. We can halve the danger, “said Lukashenko.

He frankly admitted that he was worried about the consequences of the parade. But it is much more useful to keep people outdoors and in a good mood than to close at home, he said.

Lukashenko refers to official statistics of infection statistics in his country and notes that holding the parade was the right decision.

“The infection is in the red, and this does not only apply to Minsk,” he concluded.

Recall, as noted above, the scandals and the split in “European Solidarity”: Goncharenko made an emotional statement.

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