Lukashenko mocks the whole planet – Zhirinovsky criticized the President of Belarus


Alexander Lukashenko



The head of the “LDPR” decided to express his opinion on what is happening in the Republic of Belarus. According to him, Alexander Lukashenko makes fun of the whole planet because he has not quarantined the country and allows the spread of the deadly COVID-19 infection.

Alexander Lukashenko
Alexander Lukashenko. Photo –

This information was reported by myself. Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the official Telegram channel, reports “MFN”.

“Lukashenko makes fun of the whole planet. The strictest measures have been taken in all countries: the sports competitions have been canceled, everyone is sitting at home. At that time, Belarus was walking the streets in the spring. People are everywhere: in stadiums, in parks. Even Lukashenko himself plays hockey. Several dozen people have already been infected with the coronavirus, and then the number of infected people will reach thousands … “, said Zhirinovsky alarmed.

At the end of his message, the LDPR chief urged the President of Belarus to reflect on the consequences of such actions.

“It’s impossible, Alexander Grigorievich. It is as if the whole planet is crazy, and you are the only intelligent person. Finally, you will calm down, ”wrote Zhirinovsky at the end.

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