Lukashenko said he was able to prevent the Maidan in Belarus



According to the Belarusian president, recently, some forces have intensified in the country, which have tried to change the situation in Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko
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About it, “MFN” refers to “BelTa“.

But, as Lukashenko claims, they were able to prevent their opponents’ plans in advance and did not allow Maidan to start in Belarus.

“We tore off the masks not only from the dolls that are here in our country. We have also torn off masks from the puppeteers hiding outside Belarus. “

The President of the Republic of Belarus added that he had devoted his life to the creation of an independent and sovereign power, and that he would therefore not allow anyone to “break up the country”, whatever it cost him. .

Lukashenko noted that “certain political events” are taking place in the country, but he follows them closely and asks people not to become puppets in the hands of certain political forces:

“Right now, I’m just asking, I’m warning you – don’t do that.” “Don’t force us to take extreme measures, don’t push us towards them.”

In particular, the president added, he asked parents to closely monitor their children:

“This is important. They started using boys between the ages of 15 and 17, who have nothing to do with the election. Explain to your children that they are breaking the law. They don’t know how much we we survived in the 90s. “They live in a good country and think this good has just fallen from the sky.”

Recall that we wrote earlier that Lukashenko’s main rival in the presidential election had disappeared in Belarus.



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