Lukashenko spoils Putin by sending coronavirus soldiers to march through Moscow



The Belarusian military, who arrived in Moscow to participate in the Victory Day parade on June 24, was infected with COVID-19.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Poutine and Shoigu in anticipation of the parade.
The coronavirus army is brought to Putin on June 24 in Moscow. Photo:

The disease has already been identified in Moscow in three soldiers and corporal of the honor guard.

Belarusian journalist Stepan Putilo reported about it on his Telegram channel page.

According to him, the coronavirus has long been operating in military units in Belarus. Relatives of soldiers write that every second soldier is infected. However, the disclosure of this information is strictly prohibited.

“After 36 people infected, the wave did not stop. The other day, the guys were sent to Moscow. All are said to be in good health, but upon arrival several soldiers were infected – they were quarantined. – quotes the parents of soldiers from Putilo.

In addition, according to the journalist, it became known that in Moscow, tests showed positive results for 15 other Belarusian military coronaviruses. It turned out that the leadership of the military unit was aware of it, but took no action because there was no one to replace the soldier.

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