Lukashenko’s main rival in presidential elections disappears in Belarus



At Viktor Babariko’s headquarters, they said that he and his son went to the Central Election Commission in the morning and have since disappeared.

Victor Babariko
Victor Babariko. Stock Photo –

It is reported by the “NPF” referring to Telegram-General Babariko seat.

Here, they said that this morning, June 18, Viktor Babariko, with his son Eduard, went to the CEC to return some of the signed signatures:

“We managed to collect a record of 425,000 signatures! This is the largest number since the independence of Belarus. “

But, as they say at headquarters, it is difficult for them to rejoice, because after Babariko has gone to the CEC, he does not make contact:

“He does not make contact, the phone is not available … They do not open the door in DFR, they do not comment.”

Remember, earlier Lukashenko had said that he would not authorize the Maidan in Belarus.



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