Lyashko advises WNV participants to “not stay” before testing



Lyashko advises UPR participants

Lyashko advises WNV participants to “not stay” before testing

06/24.2020 11:41


Chief Medical Officer of Health Viktor Lyashko urged UPR participants not to visit the crowded areas before the test, which is scheduled for June 25.

He said so during a briefing on June 24, reports the Ukrinform correspondent.

“I appeal to students and their parents. Please observe the quarantine measures, limit your mobility today, prepare the UPE, do not visit crowded places, wash your hands, treat your hands with an antiseptic, wear masks in public buildings if you have to visit them, “he said. Lyashko.

He pointed out that the government, local governments, education, health care departments, the public food safety service, the main state medical officers of health of the regions, school directors and educators have done everything in their power to ensure the safe conduct of the UPR in quarantine.

According to him, on June 25 in each school, which is a test point, clear routes for students to enter the territory will be organized.

Lyashko said certain schedules will be expanded at the entrance. Children who come to WNV will be asked about their state of health before entering, the thermometry will be performed, a clearly defined audience will be shown where the WNV will take place, according to the arrows, the participants will go to their audience.

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“There are 15 people in the audience, the chairs are arranged so that the distance is at least 1.2 meters. Antiseptics for the treatment of hands are placed in schools, the bathrooms will be pleasant , with running water and paper towels, “said Lyashko.

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As reported by Ukrinform, the main UPR session will begin on June 25 with math tests and end on July 17 with chemistry tests. 379,493 participants registered, who selected 1,227,154 tests.

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