Lyashko called quarantine conditions on April 24



Lyashko called quarantine conditions on April 24

The maximum incidence of coronavirus in Ukraine is expected on April 17 and the quarantine can be released from April 24.

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine, the head of health services Viktor Lyashko in an interview with LB.

“If we observe quarantine measures, then yes, at a low level (the indicators will be – ed.). We expect it (pic – ed.) To be on April 17. But the dynamics can be different, “said the official.

At the same time, Lyashko noted that it is difficult to predict the situation, since it is a new type of pathogen, and it can behave unexpectedly. “Now we superimpose our scenario on the scenario that was in European countries, and we see clearly that due to the introduction of preventive measures, from 100 to 1000 cases, we have spent more days than, for example, Italy. From 1,000 to 10,000 are also going slower, we’ll see how we get there, “said the deputy minister.

He also denied allegations that few tests for COVID-19 were carried out in Ukraine. According to Lyashko, in Ukraine “they test everyone who needs to be tested”. “But we see it at the national level. When colleagues go to the regions, they see where our algorithms are violated. However, the magic pendulum will save this world and Ukraine too,” said the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Health.

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He also expressed the opinion that if the quarantine measures are respected in Ukraine and, above all, people do not violate the quarantine for Easter, then “we will soon see a positive trend and from April 24 we will start to leave quarantine”.

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