Lyashko called the “tensile strength” of the medical system in the fight against Covid-19



Lyashko called the

The healthcare system is designed for the simultaneous stay in intensive care units of up to 3.5 thousand patients with Covid-19.

Deputy Minister of Health, Chief State Health Officer, Viktor Lyashko, said this on the Freedom of Speech program on ICTV, reports a correspondent for UKRINFORM.

“We are considering the number of people who will be infected, with a severe course, and will need resuscitation. And our limit, on which we have relied and which we have adhered to, is not more than 3.5 thousand patients who are simultaneously in intensive care units. This will allow us to get through coronavirus disease and at the same time treat people suffering from heart attacks, strokes and other urgent conditions. All other forecasts also depend on it, “said Lyashko.

He noted that the situation with the impact depends, among other things, on how Ukrainians will adhere to the restrictive measures during the Easter holidays.

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“We are now evolving in a dynamic that does not exceed 2% of the infected population. This is the dynamic that required all actions and that will allow us to get through without a big burden for the health system, for the economy and to save our citizens. Therefore, everything now depends on the Ukrainians, because there will not be enough police forces or epidemiologists to close all the churches and prevent people, and we, in principle, do not count on that, we count on the conscience of Ukrainians, ”said Lyashko.

Once again, he urged citizens to stay home over Easter and not visit friends or relatives and limit themselves to online religious services.

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As reported by Ukrinform, as of April 13, 3,102 cases of Covid-19 had been recorded in Ukraine, of which 93 were fatal, 97 patients were recovering.

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