Lyashko explained the purpose of express testing and how much they can trust



Lyashko explained the purpose of express testing and how much they can trust

Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Health, Chief Medical Officer of Health Viktor Lyashko, explained that rapid tests for COVID-19 are necessary to “screen” patients and identify those who have already been ill in order to see the situation in his together.

He spoke about this in an interview with LB, answering the question of why rapid tests are necessary if they only show the result on the 5-7th day of illness, then not exactly.

“Required (express tests – ed.). Rapid tests are used by many countries. The manufacturer’s instructions clearly state that on the 5th day of infection, we see the first immunoglobulin (in the blood, – ed.). And on the 14th Therefore, the question is how to use them correctly – for sorting. And also to see the post-epidemic section, “said Lyashko.

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According to him, rapid tests are important to identify those who have already been sick. “They (express tests – editor’s note) are mainly assigned to this. And also to sorting. But as practice has shown, doctors and laboratory assistants sometimes prefer rapid tests because they are more comfortable than taking samples a sample and send it to the PCR. ” But we severely punish for this and say that even with a negative rapid test result, you should still take the material and deliver it to the virology laboratory for PCR diagnostics, “said the deputy minister.

He noted that you should not trust the rapid test when the patient is examined, because perhaps at this point the test has not yet shown any antibodies. But if he shows a positive result, you the doctor must make a specific clinical decision, transport the patient immediately to the hospital, designated to receive the patient with coronavirus, where he will receive medical care properly.

“It turns out that the immunoglobulin was not yet released on the fifth day. Each person individually forms one or the other antibody titre in the body, which we are looking for in the future with rapid tests” said Lyashko.

As reported, by the morning of April 12, 2,777 cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed in Ukraine. During the past day, 266 messages were received regarding new confirmed cases.

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