Lyashko explained what experience Ukrainian doctors stole from Italy



Lyashko explained what experience Ukrainian doctors stole from Italy

The Deputy Minister of Health, Chief Medical Officer of Health Viktor Lyashko, said that only Ukrainian medical volunteers went to Italy, there were 4 other people who wanted it.

He talked about it in an interview with LB.

“Exceptionally (volunteer doctors went – note.) And there were four other planes in their turn. Young doctors from different regions. I even told people here at the ministry that I was not going to let go, but they’re still on the list and now even the SS they don’t write because they’re afraid I’ll scream, ”said Lyashko.

Responding to the question of whether it was reasonable, given the understaffing, to send Ukrainian doctors back to Italy to help, the Deputy Minister noted that Ukraine now has no critical load on the medical system. and that 20 doctors would have a good opportunity to learn how to react in a critical situation.

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“Only 8% of the ventilators designed to help coronavirus patients are charged. Therefore, 20 doctors who have gone to Italy are a very good opportunity to learn how to respond to a critical situation. They will come back and tell us how to organize it properly the medical care process. ” the massive influx of patients, the sanitary sorting process, the determination of priority, to whom and how to transport, when to transfer the patient to intensive care, etc. When you see it living, practicing on the conveyor, it’s not the same as modeling, “said Lyashko.

As reported, on April 4, 20 physicians from the Department of Health and the Department of Health systems flew to assist Italian physicians in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus.

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