Lyashko said under what conditions doctors will receive a 300% supplement



Lyashko said under what conditions doctors will receive a 300% supplement

Hospitals that work with COVID-19 patients and have an agreement with the NHA will receive a 300% salary supplement for April.

Deputy Minister of Health, Chief Medical Officer of Health Viktor Lyashko, said this on the “Right to Power” program, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“In advance (for April – note), a supplement of 300% has not been calculated for people with coronavirus. Payment for the work will be part of the April salary … If the hospital has a contract with the NHA and provides assistance to patients with coronavirus, in April they will receive the 300% supplement promised for each care provider health, ” said Lyashko.

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At the same time, he commented on information about the debt of the Pochaev city hospital in the Kremenetsky district of the Ternopil region, where, according to the statement by the chairman of the Kremenetsky district council Vladimir Stefansky, there has a debt of 400 thousand hryvnia for the month of March.

According to Lyashko, at the national level, the issue of the allocation of a medical subsidy has been “closed”, and a medical subsidy of almost one billion UAH has been transferred to the field.

Lyashko said the debt issue specific to this hospital should be discussed with local authorities.

“This is a specific case which must be dismantled, and we will dismantle it tomorrow (April 24 – editor’s note). In the morning, call the regional administration of the State, the health department and we will take care of it … A medical subsidy came to each health department, after that clarification that thanks to this medical subsidy, you can take a 300% supplement for anyone who has worked with a laboratory-confirmed coronavirus case, ”said Lyashko.

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According to him, the local government can also fund doctors who are currently providing medical care to patients with COVID-19.

Earlier, Viktor Lyashko said that on April 24, the Cabinet of Ministers would approve a package of medical services for COVID-19.

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