Lyft service plans a complete transition to electric cars


The company plans to release fuel-powered cars over the next ten years

Lyft promised to switch to fully electric cars. Photo:

American taxi service Lyft said that by 2030, all cars, trucks and SUVs on its platform will be fully electric or equipped with other technology with zero emissions. In the next ten years, the presence of an electric car should be a prerequisite for working with Lyft.

According to publication Techcrunch, The company will achieve this goal in association with the Environmental Protection Fund.

Switching to electric cars can be difficult due to their cost – they still cost more than classic cars. Another obstacle is the underdeveloped infrastructure for charging electric car batteries. However, these factors do not intimidate Lyft. Currently, the company is actively working on a roadmap that will help in easily abandoning fuel-based vehicles.

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Earlier, we wrote that the Asian Taxi Service Grab reported a loss of about 5% of employees or 360 employees due to the situation with coronovirus.

The company operates in eight countries and is valued at $ 14 billion. Grab CEO Anthony Tan said the company had not faced capitalization problems and would expand its activities, including non-core projects.

Similar companies around the world have been affected by the epidemic – Uber and Lyft have also previously announced jobs and cost cuts.

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