Maidan’s affairs: GBR investigators announced 13 suspicions this year



Maidan's affairs: GBR investigators announced 13 suspicions this year

Maidan’s affairs: GBR investigators announced 13 suspicions this year

07/05.2020 17:49


Since the beginning of 2020, GBR investigators have reported suspicions to 13 people in the “Maidan cases”.

This was stated in an interview by “” GDB chiefs Alexander Sokolov.

“Since the beginning of the year, GDB investigators of the” Maidan affairs “have reported suspicions to 13 people. They are former law enforcement officers, judges,” aunts ” said Sokolov.

For example, he informed that three investigators from the police district police department of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry in Kiev were suspected of illegally detaining and prosecuting innocent demonstrators.

“It was found that one of the investigators had not even entered the investigation group, detaining and without any evidence reporting the suspicion on January 21, 2014 to one of the activists. But for 6 years, this investigator was only held responsible when the case was brought before the GDB, “said Sokolov.

He also noted that in his opinion, “there was an interesting moment in the murder of Veremia, which impressed me personally; I believe this is the result of the work of our investigators and prosecutors from the PCU ”.

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“Two people who were involved in the murder, all these 6 years lived in Kiev. Only one bought a passport with a different name and stuck his real photo on it. The second did not even do so. For some reason, no one has found these two people for 6 years. Although they are wanted. Now they are arrested in this case, “said the heads of the GBR.

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