Solved: Mail Stuck in Outbox on Mac (3 Simple Solutions)

Having emails are stuck in the outbox can be frustrating if you need to be done with the work quickly. If you are facing the same problem, I know how annoying it can be. Usually, when mac users update Mac Mail, they have to meet specific problems, and mail stuck in outbox mac is one issue. Fortunately, there is a solution to every problem. This issue typically occurs when you are working in an offline mode or having an internet connection issue. 

Mail Stuck in Outbox on Mac

In the article below, I have mentioned how you can fix these issues. If you are interested, be sure to check out this article until the end! 

  • Check Your Email Address

One of the most common reasons why your emails are stuck in the outbox is that you have not entered the recipient’s correct email address. If the email address of the person you send the message to is invalid, the recipient’s email server will not deliver the email. Therefore, you need to double-check before sending your email constantly. However, if the issue is not resolved even after checking, it could be a network connection issue. If it is? Keep on reading to find out what to do if mail is stuck in outbox mac due to a network issue. 

  • Change the DNS Settings

Most of the time, when your internet connection is not stable, you can face this issue. So, if you have entered the correct email address of the recipient and the problem is still there, you need to follow these steps to solve the internet issue on your Mac device:

  1. On your device, select the Apple menu. 
  2. Select System Preferences
  3. Now, hit the Network icon and navigate to the left-side panel
  4. You need to check if Wi-Fi or Ethernet is indicating a green light or not
  5. If it is displaying a red light, it means you need to check the Wi-Fi router’s connectivity and the modem
  6. So, go to the Network window
  7. Choose the connection medium
  8. Select the DNS tab
  9. Next, configure the correct IPv4 or IPv6 address and ports

After following these steps, the network connection issue should be resolved. If it does not, maybe you need to try the next solution. 

  • Check Outgoing Server Settings

  1. Navigate to the Mail option
  2. From the Preferences window, select the Accounts button
  3. Now, you need to choose the desired account
  4. Next, select the Server Settings
  5. Give a click on the Outgoing Account menu
  6. Choose the Edit SMTP Server List option
  7. You need to ensure that you enter the correct information


The mail stuck in outbox mac is a common issue that can occur due to multiple reasons. Many times the issue can be resolved within no time. In this article above, I have mentioned a few simple manual solutions to get rid of this issue. However, if the problem is still there, you may need to reach out to your Internet service provider or email service provider to get assistance. 

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