major new bug after last software update


Still problems for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and in particular for option with SoC Exynos. As several reports from Samsung users confirm, in fact, after a software update that introduced corrections in April 2020, the top of the Korean house began to show alarming display error

As can be seen from the photos attached at the top of the article, the display of some Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra devices, after the April 2020 update, tends to green. TThe problem arises in different conditions of use and, in particular, when 120 Hz refresh rate and in conditions low light panels. There will be no problems when the display is set to 60 Hz.

At the moment, the problem It would seem that this applies only to the version with SoC Exynos the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra or its variant is also sold in Italy. This version, remember has been the subject of several criticisms these days due to lower-than-expected specs (and an analog of the Snapdragon 865), problems with autonomy, and overheating.

Samsung’s latest update could have further aggravated the problem by also introducing this obvious mistake that makes the display green in some usage conditions.


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