Making concessions to Putin, Zelensky can lose not only his popularity, but also Ukraine: Andrei Zubov



The famous Russian historian Andrei Zubov expressed in one of his interviews that the leaders of the European countries would constantly put pressure on the Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Vladimir Zelensky.
Zelensky should not make concessions to Putin. Photo:

The reason is their own economic interests and their desire to restore relations with the Russian Federation.

According to the historian, the Kremlin once bribed the most powerful lobby in the West. And these very respectable politicians and officials will pressure Vladimir Zelensky to accept a certain Donbas status.

In such a situation, according to Zubov, the only thing left for the Ukrainian president is to refuse.

“Zelensky should only do one thing: disagree, hold on and say no. He can do a little more “, – said Zubov.

Indeed, in addition to the Russian “servants”, there are in Europe enough sensible politicians who have supported and will continue to support Ukraine.

“If Zelensky accepts the conditions of Russia, he will lose all popularity in Ukraine. But the main thing is that he will lose Ukraine “, – concluded the historian.

Earlier, it was reported that Russia “had thrown” quasi-republics, “starving” riots were brewing in the “LPR”.



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