Malyushka is not against the release of the condemned, but not against the mass



Malyushka is not against the release of the condemned, but not against the mass

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine supports the idea of ​​releasing convicts in connection with the coronavirus, but in limited numbers.

Justice Minister Denis Malyuka wrote about it on Facebook.

“The position of the Ministry of Justice – we support the idea of ​​releasing the convicted, but not in large numbers, but in limited and justified quantities. It should only be those who do not pose a danger to society, ”said Malyuska.

He noted that now the country is in quarantine, people are mostly sitting at home and living off their savings. However, very few convicts after their release will now be able to live in their apartment or house with savings.

“It is more likely that this step will not only not reduce the number of patients, but will increase them and worsen the criminal situation considerably. The only thing achieved through the mass release of convicts in such a situation is to reduce the headaches of the Department of Justice to keep detainees safe. But reducing our headaches is not the goal of our work. We will not move the problem from a sensitive point to a healthy problem, “added the Minister.

Therefore, according to him, the Ministry of Justice supports the bill on the amnesty of the paternity of the popular deputy Igor Fris, which proposes to release approximately nine hundred convicted, and initiates legislative changes which can considerably reduce the number of new people sent to pre-trial detention centers or penal establishments.

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Malyuka asked Parliament to consider these initiatives as a priority.

“But we neither initiate nor support mass events to release tens of thousands of convicts. Such processes should only take place gradually, prepared and controlled, without creating any danger to society, “said the Minister.

As noted, in Ukraine, currently identified 1,668 patients with COVID-19, 52 people died, 35 recovered.

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