Malyushka said his team is constantly “written”



Malyushka said his team is constantly “written”


05/18.2020 23:34


Justice Minister Denis Malyuka says his team is constantly “written”.

He wrote about it on his Facebook page.

“Almost all the time our team worked at the Ministry of Justice, they wrote to us and wrote to us. Hidden audio and video recordings in offices, reception halls and even the halls. A lot of knowledge that put in guard against scrutiny by all senior departmental officials. We haven’t paid much attention to it., because we expected it to be public policy, we need to be transparent, and you can do it for a month or two, they will understand that it makes no sense to look for something, and will be left alone, “said the head of the justice ministry.

However, according to him, the “visitors” are insolent and the installation / removal of their equipment does not even try to hide.

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“They just started cutting the door with a shredder on the weekends. They didn’t even try to hide the traces, and the cupboards turned into a passage yard,” says Malyuska.

As previously reported, Olga Onishchuk, Deputy Minister of Justice for state registration, said that on May 18, she discovered traces of illegal entry into her office.

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