Many Ukrainians are immune to the COVID-19 coronavirus: the biologist said who these “lucky ones” were



Not everyone is equally susceptible to the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus, and this infection is not so scary.

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Coronavirus is not dangerous for everyone.
In Ukraine, there are many “lucky ones” for whom the coronavirus is not dangerous. Photo:

According to biologist, Ph.D., Nadezhda Zholobak, 30% of Ukrainians are immune to coronavirus infections.

“More than half of the population suffers from a coronavirus infection asymptomatically, 80% of the population does not feel it at all or suffers slightly from a coronavirus infection” – says Zholobak.

The biologist explained that “There are a lot of coronaviruses in the environment”, and COVID-19 coronavirus strain “Has some cross activity.”

“The antibodies that the body has on other coronaviruses can cause a partial cross-reaction with this virus, thus protecting us from a new strain of coronavirus”, – said the expert.

The biologist also noted that, according to the literature of the last century, 80% of the population of the former Soviet Union had antibodies against the coronavirus.

Earlier, it was reported that astrologers named the zodiac signs, which are most at risk from COVID-19.

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