Marat Basharov commented on allegations of domestic violence: “Do not leave comments under my son’s photo”



Marat Basharov

The topic of domestic violence is resurfacing on the net, and the personal lives of celebrities gaining popularity are fertile ground for that. After the publication of a resounding interview with Regina Todorenko, the broadcast of the television program Lera Kudryavtseva “Secret to a Million” was broadcast, whose guest was the actor of 45 years, Marat Basharov, who spoke about the case with Tatyana Navka and large-scale divorces with Ekaterina Arkharova and Elizaveta Shevyrkova. The actor’s ex-wife, remember, accused him of assault, and in an interview with Kudryavtseva, Basharov confirmed that he had conflicts with them. Since the broadcast of the program on, a petition has appeared asking to withdraw from Marat the State Prize of the Russian Federation and the title of Emeritus Artist of Tatarstan, and enemies are now attacking the Instagram of the actor. The actor decided to publish a video message to them.

Marat Basharov

I have a great request to you, my friends. Could you write your opinions, comments not on the page where there is a photo of Marcel (son of Basharov and Shevyrkova. – NDE), So to speak, the fruit of the love of the rapist and the victim of violence. You can leave your comments, for example, under this message, and not under the photo of our son ”, commented Marat Basharov on the angry remarks which were addressed to him, among which words on his child.

Marat Basharov and Elizabeth Shevyrkova with her son Marcel

Shevyrkova and Basharov celebrated a marriage shortly before the birth of Marcel – in June 2016. In December 2018, the actor’s wife was hospitalized for a nose injury, then she turned to doctors injured in the hand for help, but still refused to file a complaint with the police. In February 2019, she filed for divorce and divorced the actor a month later.

Marat Basharov reacted to the petition requesting the deprivation of his professional recognition due to a fault in his personal life. Guys, you didn’t give me that title. It was presented to me by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan and the State Prize of the Russian Federation – Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Therefore, whoever gives, let him deprive, ”Basharov replied.

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